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A guide to promotional gifts

What is a promotional gift?

As the name suggests, promotional gifts are gifts for the promotion of a brand or a company or even an event. The gift items are usually imprinted and sometimes even engraved with the logo or name of the company being promoted. Promotional gifts are also used during a product launch. Some fund raisers also use promotional gifts to remind their patrons of the cause for which they are donating funds.

The practice of giving out promotional gifts started out as just promotional products in the 18th Century. In the United States, even George Washington is supposed to have used commemorative buttons in the time of the elections. Jasper Meeks is supposed to be the first one to have used the idea commercially

Today, the range of promotional gifts range from common articles like lighters, cups, bottles, ashtrays, caps, etc. to custom made specific items like name plates, engraved pens, designer articles, etc. with an imprinted or embossed logo of the company. These items remind the receiver (who is also a potential customer or client) of the company or brand or product every time they use any of the promotional gift item.

While choosing an item for promotion a company can also choose to get their logo or brand name to be printed on name brand items. This has the advantage of increasing the chances that a person is going to keep the promotional gift and use it again and again. Many vendors of promotional products also offer to procure items from specific name brand companies on special request.

Surveys have shown that the most common factor stated by people for keeping a promotional gift is its usefulness. Another important factor that advertisers are concerned with before selecting a promotional gift is the cost per impression for different types of promotional gifts. Impression refers to the event of a person either seeing a promotional gift or using it.  This criteria itself places items like calendars, lighters, mugs, writing items, etc. as the most effective promotional gifts. Moreover, promotional products ensure continued visibility without the burden of additional costs as is the case with any other type of media advertising.

The market for promotional products is on a constant rise. The Promotional Products Association International (the official organization of the promotional products industry) has over 10,000 member companies worldwide and has revenue growth to the tune of 14% in 2012.


Author By:- Emma Jansen